Hope For Youth

Summer Camp Success Story

Hope for Youth’s summer camp has ended and it’s back to school for everyone. The children enjoyed making new friends while participating in summer activities and field trips. Their days were spent as a group at the bowling alley, pool, movie theater, and miniature golf course. Some kids even went fishing!


One of our residents – Bert – especially benefited from the summer camp experience that so many Long Islanders take for granted each year.  He is sixteen-years-old and illiterate.  Never having been part of structured activities like these, each day brought with it new opportunities for him to grow emotionally and psychologically. He was nominated as the camp’s Connect Four champion!  Now Bert is back at school with a new passion for learning.


Thank you again for all the generous donors who sponsored the camp experience for each of our residents.  It is with this support that we can continue to prove that there is HOPE!