Employee Spotlight

February 2022

Amy Morales has been a dedicated staff member since 2020. Amy became a member of the Non-Secure Detention family in the Fall of 2021, transferring from our Farmingdale Residential program. Amy is flexible, covering shifts as needed, takes initiative and interacts with our youth, always displaying a positive and nurturing fashion and Amy is eager to grow and learn, looking for advancement in her employment at Hope For Youth. Her bilingual abilities allow her to connect with all youth and offer a sense of support and security. Culturally she is diverse and encourages our all our youth to be more inclusive.

Amy successfully engages youth, families, and staff in a welcoming, professional manner. Amy is making a huge impact in Non- Secure Detention and because of her dedication to Hope For Youth, she has been awarded February’s Employee Spotlight.

January 2022

Emily Mullin has been a dedicated staff member since she began her employment at HFY in 2018. In 2019 she transferred to the Primary Prevention Program, and after 1 year of dedication and displaying superior skills, was promoted to the OASAS Prevention Coordinator in November 2020. Emily has successfully enhanced the Prevention Presentations and continually engages youth, families, and staff.  She has greatly increased our presentations and presence in local schools as well as attending local coalition meetings, community events, and partnering with other prevention providers to engage in environmental awareness campaigns. Recently Emily worked on her first grant, to expand the Prevention Program’s Social Media presence and environmental strategies. The grant was approved by OASAS and we were awarded the necessary funding to enhance our program.

Employee Spotlight is on Emily Mullin this month as she has had a tremendous impact on the Prevention Program. Thank you, Emily for all that you do!

March 2021

D’Arcy Brewster, the PM Senior Residential Counselor, is a driving force at HFY’s residential program, Family Ties. D’Arcy leads his shifts flawlessly and is well respected and admired by both staff and residents. During his 11-year tenure, he has successfully mentored as an experienced and trusted counselor. D’Arcy asks little for himself, frequently going beyond in his dedication to each resident. He is patient, supportive and advises without judgment. His shifts are complimented by the extraordinary meal plans he has established for the program. Yes, he is a great cook too!

D’Arcy Brewster conforms to our definition of the ideal Residential Counselor and for these acts and much more, we recognize him as Employee of the Month, Thank you, D’Arcy for all that you do! Our Family Ties youth are lucky to have you.