Kinship Caregiver Program

The Kinship Caregiver Program will serve families in both Nassau and Suffolk County who have informal or legal custody of children between the ages of 0-18. The Kinship Caregiver Case Manager will conduct monthly home visits for the first 3 months and will continue for up to 6 months. Case Management services will focus on the long-term objective of increasing caregiver’s capacity to care for the children in their care and reduction of stress. Needs of the family will be assessed and the Kinship Caregiver Case Manager will make appropriate referrals, and connect family with local supports and resources. Families will have access to Hope for Youth services such as mental health, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Children and Family Treatment Support Services, and Health Homes.

Hope for Youth is partnering with Cornell Cooperative Extension, who will be providing:
1 Support Groups – Groups for both adults and children
2 Education – Parenting A Second Time Around workshops
3 Family Engagement – Monthly social activities will be planned for the families in the program, in each county

Kinship Caregiver Contact Form

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