Why Volunteer at Hope For Youth?

Volunteering for Hope For Youth is a great way to assist with a cause that is devoted to helping children and families in crisis. Giving back to your community, and meeting others who share your passion for our mission are two added bonuses. All non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to a great degree, for the success of their programs and their fundraising efforts. Without volunteers most non-profits would struggle to survive. At Hope For Youth we value our volunteers dearly and thank you for your donation of time.

Who Can Volunteer for Hope For Youth?

Hope For Youth accepts applications from prospective volunteers regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion or any other federally or locally protected class. If you have any questions regarding volunteering for Hope For Youth, please contact kcallahan@hfyny.org

What Do Hope For Youth Volunteers Do?

The goal of our Volunteer Programs is to increase awareness of Hope For Youth within our community, which in turn will help build a greater network of volunteers, raise additional funds and improve the overall function of our services and programming. Volunteer opportunities include admin assistance, community outreach, fundraising, residential programs and event planning.

We welcome volunteers who wish to be part of our efforts on a continuous basis, and those more interested in project-oriented tasks. Whichever the case may be, we always do our best to accommodate the volume of volunteers and their requests. To begin your first steps in becoming a volunteer with Hope For Youth, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you within a few days. Thank you!

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