Hope For Youth

Young Professionals Committee

The HFY Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is a group of professionals who leverage their passion for volunteerism and philanthropy to act as ambassadors of HFY’s mission.  Members of the committee become long-term resources and use their personal and professional networks to fundraise, advocate and volunteer in support of HFY’s vital services.

The YPC was founded in 2018 with the mission of raising awareness and increasing support for HFY through networking events, volunteer opportunities, social media outreach and fundraising efforts.  Members are enthusiastic, creative, and philanthropic young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s.

Each prospective member will bring their talent to the Committee and we welcome candidates who have a passion and commitment for HFY’s mission. Through their work, members will enhance their leadership skills that enable them to advance their careers and become appreciating assets to HFY.

What do members of the committee do?
   – Meet in person quarterly to plan and develop relationships
   – Meet on conference calls as needed and respond to communications as it pertains to event planning
   – Inspire their personal and professional network to support the fundraiser
   – Each member commits to give/get individual contributions
   – Have fun, meet new friends and serve as the next generation of ambassadors to HFY

What are the benefits of being involved?
   – Leadership and networking opportunities
   – Raise meaningful dollars in support of Long Island’s most vulnerable children and families
   – Utilize and develop skills such as: public speaking, fundraising, event planning, advocacy,
       community engagement and marketing
   – Learn what it takes to serve on a board of directors

Young Professionals Committee

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