Hope For Youth

Non-Secure Detention

The Hope For Youth Non-Secure Detention (NSD) Center is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and provides temporary short-term services in a stabilizing, supportive and therapeutic setting for JD youth pursuant to Article Three of the New York State Family Court Act. Hope For Youth provides an environment that improves the functioning of youth in crisis and promotes healthier, law-abiding lifestyles.

Probation Youth in Crisis

The Hope For Youth Non-Secure Detention Center is for probation youth in crisis remanded for short-term transitional care by Suffolk Family Court. Youth remain in our care during Family Court proceedings until more permanent inpatient or outpatient services can be secured. We seek to help youth and families recover from the damaging effects of crime, substance abuse, truancy and psychological trauma.

About the Center

Located in Amityville, Long Island, The Hope For Youth Non-Secure Detention Center offers co-ed short-term residence for adolescents generally between the ages of 12 and 17 at intake. We can accommodate up to 12 residents and provide individual bedrooms, dietician planned and professionally prepared meals, socialization and 24/7 expert supervision by specially trained childcare workers.

Daily routines include mandatory school hours and planned recreation. Education is individually tailored and administered by New York State certified special education teachers. The program is managed by an on-site licensed Master’s level social worker.

“Zone” Program

Hope For Youth utilizes the “Zone” program for behavioral healthcare. As youth positively progress through healthy interaction with peers and staff, they move up the zones and are rewarded with more privileges and freedoms. If they appear to require a more structured behavioral program, a token system is utilized. With the token system, youth receive privileges in exchange for earned tokens.

Additional support, individual staff-to-child assignments, short-term crisis counseling, psychiatric services and therapy are available as needed.

Family Support

When possible, we encourage parental visitation and participation as permitted by Family Court Judges and the Probation Department.

Staff and Services

The Hope For Youth Non-Secure Detention Center works closely with the Suffolk County Probation Department, Family Court Judges, schools, outside providers and family members to assure the continuity of medical, clinical and educational services. Our expert staff includes childcare workers, a licensed Master’s level social worker, a licensed clinical psychologist, a registered pediatric nurse practitioner and New York State certified teachers.

Intake coordination is available 24/7 and includes a complete medical exam, mental health screening and urine toxicology exam with substance abuse risk assessments for youth testing positive for illegal substances.

Additional services are available as needed and as appropriate and may include psychiatric evaluations, medication reviews, psychological evaluations and psycho-social assessments.

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