Success Stories at Non-Secure Detention

“Here is a little story about my journey with Hope For Youth. It all started when I attended my court hearing and was told I was getting sent to a place in Amityville to help me get back on the right track. When I arrived at Hope For Youth I was instantly greeted with a warm welcome.  I entered the building with tears in my eyes. But the staff helped them go away. Mrs. Marge saw me crying and she told me, “It’s OK baby don’t cry we are here to make sure you do better for you.” That said a lot and helped me open my eyes. I realized I am not here to make friends or have fun. I am here to straighten myself out.

Then there’s Mr. Winston, this man is my best bud. When I first arrived at Hope for Youth he made sure I was well fed and didn’t stop trying to offer me food until I had something in my system. He is on top of me about everything and especially my health. The staff treats residents as if you’re in the comfort of your own home. Hope for youth is not a punishment program. They make it fun in their own way. We go to the park or bowling. I can’t forget he learning part of my journey. I am in this program because I decided not to attend school. Now, everyday I attend school from 8:40-2:45. We have gym and health every other day. We also have math, social studies, science, and English on a daily basis. Not everything about my stay is fun because I am learning while in placement. All residents are treated the same by all staff members. I recommend Hope for youth for any child in need of help. While in placement you will not be let down.”

-Taryn B.