Suffolk Intensive Case Management

Hope For Youth’s Intensive Case Management (ICM) program is an out-patient preventative service that provides children and their families with the support and treatment needed to stabilize a youth’s immediate living situation and prevent the placement of children into foster care, or a higher level of care.  The HFY ICM program has an impressive 75%-80% success rate. The ICM workers continue to establish good working relationships with the children and their families while assisting them in getting the services necessary to maintain the family unit.

About the Program
Hope For Youth’s ICM program, available throughout Suffolk County, can accommodate the needs of up to 8 children and their families.  Through intensive twice weekly visits, in-home care and services, the ICM program is designed to help prevent disruption, multiple placements and placements in more restrictive settings.

ICM Staff: Professional and Dedicated
ICM services are conducted by Hope For Youth’s qualified and professional staff. From the Program Director and Supervisor to each of the Case Managers, all are Licensed Masters of Social Work. Our ICM’s are on call 24/7 via mobile phone and Internet technologies for around-the-clock communication and to respond to any emergencies.

Home Visits and Screenings
Intensive Case Managers visit the home twice weekly, with additional support available when needed.  ICM staff conducts home assessments to identify disruptive conditions.  HFY’s caseworkers utilize proven screening tools such as the Casey Life Skills Assessment and Child and Adolescent Strengths and Needs Screening.  These tools help assess the behaviors and competencies of each child and evaluate the skills needed to achieve the long-term goal of developing a healthy and productive life.

Family Enrichment Funds
Hope For Youth’s ICM program has been funded by Suffolk County through the Suffolk County Department of Social Services since 2003.  Funds are built into the program budget to supplement urgent family needs when determined appropriate.

Interdisciplinary Team Meetings and DSS
The Hope For Youth ICM team, Suffolk County Case Workers, and HFY’s Deputy Executive Director and LIAC Education Consultants meet biweekly to review and adjust individual ICM plans as necessary.  Every case is reviewed at 30 days and every 60 days thereafter.

Department of Social Services
ICM staff work closely with the DSS.  Through interdisciplinary assessments, DSS and Child Protective Services provide the HFY ICM team with information pertaining to the families past and current functioning so that HFY’s Intensive Case Managers can provide recommendations for going forward.  Communication between Suffolk County and HFY is ongoing.

Making Referrals
Referrals from Suffolk County Department of Social Services teams are submitted via memo to Marsha Jackson, Assistant Director at SCDSS, and liaison to Hope For Youth.

Strong and Consistent
The ICM Program has produced strong and consistent results, with an 80-90% success rate in maintaining the youngsters in their current living environment. This is due in part to the intensive nature of the program requiring twice weekly contacts with the child and family, the use of comprehensive screening tools such as the CANS and Casey Life Skills Assessment and collaborative care coordination with he Suffolk County Department of Social Services. But it is the dedication, compassion, motivation and expertise of the ICM team that drives the success of the program.

Meet Lisa, the ICM Supervisor, and hear about the need for ICM.