Hope For Youth


Youth enter Hope For Youth in need of consistency, guidance and direction in many aspects of their lives.

They are admitted to our residential programs with the goal of providing them with the tools and guidance to foster a positive direction in life. One objective to reach that goal is to create a therapeutic, supportive, and motivational education program. Our teachers engage students in a curriculum that is differentiated to meet the unique needs of each child.

Our After School and Summer STEAM program is one of the many spokes in the wheel of services and connection opportunities that Hope For Youth provides(offers) to its many residents during their stay with the agency.  Be it a short-term or long-term stay, the consistent opportunity to connect over and over again with a staff member, a routine, a program of interest or even guidance towards a positive path for their future is all weaved within the many components of Hope For Youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What population are you targeting with this program?  is it in one location? 

All of HFY youth are at a time of crisis in their life, be it homelessness, court placement or other issues that have placed them in care. Our STEAM program works to provide another layer of service, an opportunity for our youth to learn and engage with staff in a different setting.

What motivates youth to participate in this program ?

Providing something FUN outside of the traditional structure of a classroom, activities to participate in, engage with peers, staff, experience new places, exposure to new ideas new opportunities, 

How many do you expect to serve and what ages?

Data over the past few years show 30- 50 residents have participated in our Summer STEAM, during the school year it varies, it is usually more intimate setting with fewer residents being available