Hope For Youth

Special Program Brings the World to HFY Youth

Did you know that Hope for Youth has a Respite Program? The purpose of this program is to get kids out into their communities doing things that they don’t normally have a chance experience.

Staff at Hope for Youth help kids get library cards, go shopping (promoting education on money-managing), get haircuts and manicures, run errands, visit local bowling alleys, arcades, parks and much more! In this way our kids get to have fun and learn various life skills at the same time. In addition they have the opportunity to form a bond with an adult that can provide extra support and may even become a mentor to them. 

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Mentoring Counts

Statistics show that children, who have a caring and active mentor in their life, are more likely to succeed in school and have the ability to avoid negative peer pressures that confront them in daily situations. According to an impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters published in 2000, youth who meet with their mentors regularly are 52% less likely compared to their peers to skip a day of school, 37% less likely to skip a class, and 46% less likely to use illegal drugs.

At Hope For Youth, we believe in the impact that mentoring has on youth in care as it promises a young person with someone who genuinely cares about them. It also provides children with a helping hand to guide them when dealing with life’s most difficult challenges.

HFY Respite Program began as a platform to provide youth with the comfort necessary when transitioning into the foster care system. It also aimed to give children the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a caring adult. Over the years, the Respite Program has grown into a program where mentors provide youth in foster care with the experience and motivation to help in any number of situations while focusing on independent living skills. Whether the focus is better grades in school, finding a job, applying to college, or engaging in new sports, HFY Respite Staff are committed to inspiring youth in foster care with the skills essential to growing into their full potential.

Hope For Youth is committed to inspiring youth through the positive influence of one-on-one mentorship.