Hope For Youth

BIG News About Alex…

Alex has a job and is sober!!!

At 15 years old Alex had failed the 9th grade twice and was very disconnected from his family and community.  With hard work and a commitment to recovery  he is turning this all around. 

Alex and his family have made tremendous strides in their Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy program.  He has been meeting with his individual therapist and caseworker regularly for several months.  

And as a participant in the Community Reinvestment Program Alex has addressed some of the deep-rooted challenges he faces in daily life. Multiple meetings each week with his parents and therapist have sparked conversations aiding him to set some pretty high goals. Alex is currently passing all his classes in high school and working at a part-time job at a local pizza place.  Compared to his old lifestyle of cutting classes and using marijuana these are major accomplishments! 

We are so proud of Alex!  His commitment to recovery has earned him a place on the list among contenders to win Community Reinvestment Kid of the Year at our Annual Awards Dinner in June.