Hope For Youth

HFY Receives Generous Donation from Local Youth Group

As time raced past us this winter and spring, it also lent itself to one of the most successful youth-organized donation drives in Hope For Youth’s history.  The St. Stephen’s Youth Group – a Port Washington-based parish youth program – undertook a commitment to our Give Love, Give Luggage campaign.

What began as a Parish Pasta Night Fundraiser, the journey to $2,600 resulted in 24 new L.L. Bean duffle bags.  The power of these young  folks to inspire generosity in their parish and friends is a true testament to their will to give, as well to as their immense sense of sympathy.

 “The work of St Stephen’s youth group is an inspiration to community members of all ages. Most importantly they are proving to our residents that there is hope!”  explains HFY CEO and Executive Director Dr. David Hegarty. 

“We hope that there are now 24 kids on Long Island who feel a little more cared for, and a little more loved because of the efforts of our kids, and our entire parish. We send them with our blessing, and in hopes for a brighter future for these kids,” says Rhonda Fay, St. Stephen’s Youth Director.

Why luggage? When it comes to caring for children in foster care, Hope For Youth takes its mission beyond the task of placing kids into safe homes.  We strive to aid vulnerable children and youth in repairing their affirmation of self-worth.  And one way Hope For Youth helps restore dignity among our residents is by giving them their own brand- new piece of luggage.  Often perceived by many as just another item we keep in the attic, a piece of luggage for young people in foster care replaces an old garbage bag, offering a renewed sense of confidence as they neatly pack their special belongs before each placement transfer.  These durable L.L. Bean- brand, extra-large duffle bags on wheels will be a great addition to each child’s path to wellness.

Many thanks to our friends at the St. Stephen’s Parish.  You are fortunate to be part of a loving and compassionate community!