Hope For Youth

ADD Enterprises Supports HFY Awareness Event

In Mid February, adolescents in all Hope For Youth programs were invited to a participate in an awareness event hosted by our clinical staff.  The Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc. provided and educational workshop on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The main focus of this intervention was to deliver a primary prevention education messages that increases awareness, builds general support for safe behaviors, supports personal risk reduction efforts and/or provides individuals with general information about programs and available services. 

Our Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy Supervisor Jen was able generate some interest for this awareness event by collaborating with our Development Department to secure a donor to purchase pizza and drinks for the participants.  Also, thanks to the donor’s generosity each youth received a raffle ticket for a chance to win movie tickets!  

As a follow up to the awareness event, youth were encouraged to enter a Creative Arts Contest where they can showcase what they learned.  Next month we’ll share the various submissions and award an iPod to the youth who wins. Providing health education and combing it with sober living prizes is great for our kids.  

All had a great time and we are thankful to ADD Enterprises for once again helping our youth.