Hope For Youth

Back Pack Mission for a Difference

Special Fundraiser at Adventureland in Support of Hope For Youth

Looking to take the Family to Adventureland and support Hope For Youth? Join us on August 8th to receive a discounted rate of $22 for unlimited rides. (This POP Bracelet* is normally $29… that’s a $7 savings!) 

Many thanks to Ladies United In Vision — a college group from Farmingdale State College — for hosting and managing this fundraiser at Advenutureland for HFY.

Questions? Contact ctravers@hfyny.org.  

*To buy this discounted bracelette proceed to the Ladies in Vision/ Hope For Youth table located inside the park near the back entrance by the DJ stage. Be sure to bring a school supply to donate in order to take advantage of this special rate. All proceeds support the purchase of text books for HFY students attending college in the Fall.

HFY Hits Fundraising HOME RUN Thanks to the Long Island Ducks!

Recently a group of dedicated Hope For Youth volunteers worked at the concession stands at the Long Island Ducks’ stadium earning money for Hope For Youth programs.


Jeanette, an HFY Suffolk Intensive Case Manager, volunteered her time for a second year. She was excited to how many of her co-workers came out in support of this exciting fundraising opportunity. “It’s great to give back and get others involved with what we do here at HFY. I even recruited my Mom as a volunteer!”


Fundraiser like this one are a big hit for Hope For Youth.  It allows us to purchase certain necessary items for our kids that aren’t covered by contracts. They are also a fun and charitable way to get involved in the community.


Hope For Youth’s next Fundraiser at the Long Island Ducks’ stadium is September 20th.  Can you join us? We’ll be supporting our youngest volunteers: an ambitions group of sixteen-year-old vendors in training! Then we’ll go out with a “bang” as the fireworks go off!