Hope For Youth

We’re Bored for Board Games

Since many of our adolescents aren’t able to visit with family and friends in the evening or on the weekends, they are at a loss for social interactions that can be helpful for their therapy.  Our solution: Game Night!

Game night evenings are great opportunities for our residents to stay in a social setting for longer periods of time.  These special moments with group home peers and caretakers contribute towards their therapy and self-esteem building.

We’re hoping to have some new or gently used games donated, so please check your closets or pick one up at your favorite store!  Some examples would be Sorry, Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, Apples to Apples, Chess, Checkers, Battle Ship or another favorites.  

Games can be dropped off to the main office located at 201 Dixon Ave Amityville, NY or email ctravers@hfyny.org to arrange a pick up.