Hope For Youth

2014 Camp Tuition Drive: We’re looking for a few good folks!

Our young residents are day-camp bound… Will you sponsor a child?

Camp.  For many Long Island children, fun-filled summer days roll along thanks to the momentum of new friendships, unique experiences, and a rejuvenated sense of self.


Yet for others, there is no camp or constructive means of spending the endless hot days of the season. But you can help us change that…  


At Hope For Youth we have many deserving children and teens who will greatly benefit from a local day-camp experience.  Will you help us off-set the costs by sponsoring a child?  Your donation will go directly towards the $275 fee (tuition and transportation) that we need to give each child the summer activities that will help them flourish emotionally and academically.


Some of our residents in need include: 


Alex | 15-years-old  Alex likes to spend time with his family, and enjoys fishing. The Community Reinvestment Program has guided him to step outside of his comfort zone and explore ways to generate new opportunities for emotional and mental growth.  Alex feels that summer camp will be a place for constructive productivity,  and give him the opportunity to make new friends. 



Wilfredo | 15-years-old A participant in the Community Reinvestment Program, Wilfredo enjoys playing basketball and video games. He just moved into town and wants to make new friends.  He hopes that spending time at camp will help him acclimate to his new life, and give him a chance to meet a few peers. 


Jeyson | 12-years-old Jeyson loves baseball.  A participant in the Community Reinvestment Program, he is eager to attend a local camp where he will develop his athletic and social skills.


Fernando | 13-years-old Thanks to the time spent as a participant in the Supervision and Treatment Program, Fernando has gained the confidence to make new friends. He’s hoping to attend summer camp where he will expand his peer network.  He envisions his camp experience  as hours with a basketball in his hands, laughing with his new friends! 




Your support will make the difference many young people seek, and will prove that there is HOPE!