Hope For Youth

Snapshot of a Teachable Moment

The following story illustrates how donated gift cards are utilized as rewards, for our Shelter residents. A resident, Alaya, was preparing to leave our Youth Shelter to live with her father whom she hadn’t lived with in some time. She expressed that she wanted a planner to be able to keep her summer school assignments and medical appointments in order when discharged from the program.

Our program manager encouraged Alaya to pick up extra chores, including organizing the shelters emergency clothing closet, to earn a gift card. This would enable her to purchase a new planner, helping her to stay organized independently. When shopping at the store, Alaya really wanted to purchase other items with her gift card but staff reminded her of the value of independence and her new living environment, and how being organized will continue to help her be independent.

Alaya also utilized her budgeting skills to ensure she didn’t go over her allotted gift card amount. Simple lessons equal life skills learned. Gift cards are often earned by Shelter youth for their hard work, and play a role in learning to budget sufficiently.

Gift card donations for Shelter youth are always needed and of great value to our staff and youth. Please call 631-782-6574 for further information.