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22nd of January 2022

Meet Paul Hirsch

Meet Paul Hirsch – a recent HFY hire who is the Director/Team Leader of one of our newest programs – Youth Assertive Community Treatment (ACT). This program is designed to address the significant needs of children ages 10 through 21 with a SED (Severe Emotional Disturbance) …

17th of January 2022

Martin Luther King Day

We would be remiss as an agency if not acknowledging the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King. MLK Day is celebrated each year on the third Monday of January. King was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement, which protested racial discrimination in both federal…

13th of January 2022

New Community Partner

Last month we were fortunate enough to be selected a recipient in the Macy’s Gives program. Sending thanks and great appreciation for this recent charitable donation received from the Macy’s located at Garden City’s Roosevelt Field Mall. The families we selected to be beneficiaries…

10th of January 2022

Foster Parent Orientation

Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent? Hope For Youth is committed to providing quality care and stability for our foster children while working towards a more permanent and stable plan for their future. Monthly foster care orientations are held virtually. Interested in learning more about…

6th of January 2022

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Human trafficking is a crime in which force, fraud or coercion is used to compel a person to perform labor, services or commercial sex. It affects all populations: adults, children, men, women, foreign nationals…

4th of January 2022

Stop & Shop Fundraiser

For the month of January 2022, Hope for Youth will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable Community Bag at the Stop & Shop store located at 351 Merrick Road, Amityville. This program is designed to make it easy for shoppers to give…

3rd of January 2022

Happy New Year!

Sending best wishes for good health and happiness in 2022.

27th of December 2021

We Could Not Have Done It Without You!

We wish to thank all those whom contributed to our Hope For The Holidays drive this year. Our youth had an amazing holiday and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the HFY Board, community sponsors, individual donors, local civic organizations, and friends and family…

12th of November 2021

HFY’s Newest Programming

Meet the staff of our newest program, HEART. From the left: Kristina, Genna, Shannon, Melvin, Christine and Kim. We welcome new staff and congratulate our staff whom were promoted.

10th of November 2021

Many Foster Kids Dream of A Forever Home

On any given day, nearly 428,000 U.S. children are in foster care. They range from infants to 18 years old, and even up to 21 years old in the states that have extended foster care. The average age of a child in foster care is 9 years…