Hope For Youth

What is National Adoption Month?

National Adoption Month is exactly what it sounds like – a month to bring adoption to the forefront:

To educate others about the adoption process.
To bring awareness to the need for more adoptive families, especially for teens.
To celebrate the amazing families that have already grown through adoption.
To hold adoption related events and raise funds to support children in foster care.
To advocate for the wellbeing and future of children in foster care.
To acknowledge the people throughout the country whose lives have been impacted by adoption.
To recruit volunteers to help support children in the foster care system.
To honor the people who have made a difference in the lives of children across the country.
To support those involved in the system (adoption agencies, foster care organizations and families, counselors, volunteers, and so many more).

In a nutshell, Adoption Awareness Month is designed to shine a spotlight on adoption. Throughout November, individuals, families, businesses, private and public organizations, adoption agencies, and communities celebrate adoption and encourage it as a positive way to grow families. There are many, many youth in need of forever homes!