Hope For Youth

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Hope For Youth offers a program funded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption called Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. This relatively new program,  allows recruiters to follow a child-focused recruitment model to assist children in foster care in finding their forever home. Recently, one of our recruiters assisted Nassau County’s adoption department in placing a young medically fragile boy in his permanent home.

Since being placed in his forever home, the child has surpassed many medical expectations. He has had a feeding tube in place since his birth. The doctors have been working and making strides in slowly removing the feeding tube. However, on a recent visit to the young boy’s new home, the child was found to be happily and safely eating cookie bits. Although the challenges are there, it is important to celebrate every small win that occurs. The consistent efforts of his future adoptive mother’s love and dedication has greatly impacted this child’s life.

Every small victory is one step closer to a youth being with their forever family. Our recruiters work with urgency to find permanency for all the youth on their caseload. Dave Thomas once said, “There’s no one to stop you but yourself.” We are grateful for our recruiters, who work hard to make a difference in the lives of their assigned youth.