Hope For Youth

We are Sending Out an SOS to Save Our Shelter

The count down is on for our SOS fundraising campaign! Event begins October 31 and runs through December 31.

Public and private funding has decreased all while the needs of youth and families have increased. This fundraiser is critical to keeping the shelter open for homeless youth on Long Island. Without filling the gap in funding we will be unable to fulfill the needs of homeless youth during the pandemic and beyond. Budget cuts and impacts of the pandemic have now severely cut funding to this vital youth program that services the roughly 14,000 young people of our region, at risk of homelessness. We need your support to cover the almost $170K deficit in this program.

We are relying on the individual generosity of donors like you, to help SAVE OUR SHELTER! Will you start a fundraising team when it launches on Halloween? We sure hope so!

Contact Kate Travers at ctravers@hfyny.org to learn more.