Hope For Youth

Threads for Teens on Tour Makes a Stop on Long Island

For many teens, stylish new clothing is very crucial in building positive self-esteem and confidence, especially in social environments. We are proud to have had the experience of providing our youth with the opportunity to build self-assurance through the unique Threads for Teens on Tour program that offers brand new clothing and accessories from a pink truck displayed as a chick mobile boutique.

The girls from our foster care program and group home were filled with excitement as they selected fun-to-wear items from a range of fashionable selections. Our girls bonded while choosing from fashion tops, dresses, pants, jewelry and other amazing accessories to help the girls feel self-confident and motivated to pursue their personal dreams.

Threads for Teens, founded by Allyson Ahlstrom in January 2010, was established with the goal of improving and empowering teenage girls through the gifts of clothing, support and education. Hope for Youth is grateful for the opportunity of empowering our teenage girls through the Threads for Teens organization and helping us stay true to our mission in providing youth with a nurturing environment that will provide the tools necessary to succeed and accomplish their full potential.