Hope For Youth

Therapeutic Group Homes

Our professional staff team includes 24/7 experienced childcare workers, mental health workers, licensed clinical social workers, certified special education teachers, licensed clinical psychologists and board certified adolescent psychiatrists.

We work closely as a team with referral agencies, including NYS Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS) and both Suffolk and Nassau Counties’ Departments of Social Services and Probation. We also work very closely with the children and family service providers, including medical personnel, clinical treatment teams, school personnel and any other providers involved in the case.

We offer a favorable superior child to staff ratio: 4 youth to 1 childcare worker during waking hours and at least one childcare worker on shift while the residents are sleeping.

We have four community-based residential therapeutic group homes located in Babylon, Farmingdale, Bellmore and Seaford. The program has a total of 35 beds distributed equally amongst the four facilities.

All youth are given a full medical exam within the first 72 hours of arrival to establish a baseline of medical needs. All ongoing medical care is coordinated through our medical staff.

Within the first month, all children receive comprehensive screening from our team of professionals and are assigned their own certified therapist.

All youth participate in our regular individual, group and family therapy programs.

Substance abuse and anger management are addressed on a regular ongoing basis. Monthly random drug and alcohol screenings are part of their treatment program. Medications are monitored carefully by the agency psychiatrist and nurse practitioner. As needed, additional psychological and psychiatric services are available.

The group home program utilizes a behavior management program where the residents can achieve more privileges and freedom by successfully attaining higher zones and interacting favorably with peers and staff.

As the child grows and demonstrates the ability to make sound decisions, the youth is rewarded (“higher zones”) and can experience going out into the community alone to socialize or even find part-time work.

Attendance and participation in an approved educational program is mandatory. The Program Manager of the group home maintains consistent contact with parents and school personnel and is vital in making sure that any specific educational needs are met. If needed, special education services are arranged by the Program Manager and the School District.

We also offer regular study hours after school where each child can receive individual attention for homework and other school needs.

As needed, Hope For Youth coordinates tutoring services for the residents based upon their individual needs.

All youth participate in our bimonthly skill building workshops. An initial assessment of the child’s skills is completed by the Program Manager and therapist. Follow-up assessments are conducted every six months to track progress and identify current needs.

Independent living skills encompass personal care, cooking, cleaning, interpersonal relationships, career development and budgeting.

We have house assignments for chores, cooking and cleaning so children can experience adult living on a daily basis.

Once a week, every child learns to cook meals with the staff. Each child has an “in-house job” within the group home. The child interviews for the position and is paid for the work they perform. The intent is to have the child learn about job skills through this process. The children are encouraged to work on money management including opening and maintaining their own bank account.