Hope For Youth

The SOS Fundraiser has Begun!

The following is the link to our fundraising page: https://www.classy.org/campaign/homeisnowhere/c299905

Donate now, or create a fundraising team to support our Youth Shelter.

Every donation will be matched dollar for dollar and there will be opportunity to win some great prizes.

We are preparing for a 100K cut to our budget for 2021 while already operating with a deficit. It is imperative that we raise the funds to keep our doors open and to be able to continue providing the services that are desperately needed. Every dollar donated counts! No donation is too small!

Youth who believe they cannot return home because of sexual victimization, family violence, conflict with caregivers, or parental substance abuse or neglect are often stranded, without the basic support they need and with no clear pathway to resolving the challenges to well-being that they cope with. HOME IS NOW HERE with Hope For Youth for these displaced young people where youth can receive educational support, mental health treatment, and the supportive team of counselors to make a plan for their future.

We need your support to cover the deficit in the shelter program as well as support our other programs that rely on private funding to meet the needs of youth in foster care or at risk of out of home placements. SAVE OUR SHELTER! DONATE NOW!


For every $25 donated, HFY will create one raffle ticket for some amazing gifts! Every donor is entered automatically and winners will be chosen at random at the HFY VIRTUAL FUND FEST, to be held on Giving Tuesday, December 1st @ 7pm. Invites to the FUND FEST will be sent via email to each donor.

To learn more about all our programming and services, visit www.hfyny.org or follow us on social media.