Hope For Youth

The Hope For Youth Prevention Program at Summer Camps!

Our Prevention Specialists are off from presenting their “Too Good For Drugs” curriculum in the Town of Babylon School District for the summer but they are very busy presenting the program to summer camps all across Long Island! They are working on implementing strategies to raise awareness of drug and alcohol related issues in the community as well as schools.

They 5-6 year olds loved answering questions, making sock puppets, and having Miss Madi read The Ant Bully to them. The Ant Bully by John Nickle is a great way for children to learn about bullying and how to address it. The sock puppet helps them understand how to use their hands for nice things like giving high fives and holding hands!

For the pre-teen summer camp the Prevention Specialists focused on healthy decision making!

Throughout the teenage years, your child will be confronted with many difficult situations where choosing to make a safe and healthy decision may not be the easiest – or most obvious – thing to do. That’s why our Prevention Specialists work hard to provide students with strategies for making healthy choices, building positive friendships, communicating effectively, and resisting peer pressure.

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