Hope For Youth

The Braswells, Foster & Adoptive Parents

“Hope For Youth has given us the chance to add love, comfort, and stability to these children. We are grateful for the passionate staff that truly believes in the children.”

The Braswell’s are experienced foster parents who recently adopted two children. Mrs. Braswell says that her inspiration is her own mother and the way in which she was raised.  This moved her to eventually open her heart and her home to children in need. With tears of compassion in her eyes Mrs. Braswell expressed the importance of loving children in care as your own and treating them as individuals while recognizing that each child is unique. They give the children entering their home a balance of truth, love, comfort, and support. They know how traumatic it is for children who do not have a stable place to call home and they do everything in their power to give them a foundation of support and consistency. Hope For Youth and The Braswell’s work together as a team even when things become challenging. They have seen how passionate the staff is and how much they believe in the children.