Hope For Youth

Prevention Program at Lindenhurst Summer Camp

Our Prevention Specialists are off from presenting their “Too Good For Drugs” curriculum in the Town of Babylon School District for the summer but they are very busy presenting the program to summer camps all across Long Island! They are working on implementing strategies to raise awareness of drug and alcohol related issues in the community as well as schools.

This week they spent some time at Lindenhurst Summer Camp. They create educational and fun activities for the youth to get involved in. This week they made a life size tic tac toe board and the children got to be X and O. They have questions go along with the game that teach them about prevention skills such as making good decisions, the importance of setting goals, and how to manage stress.

Getting a teenager to talk about their future can be challenging but fun activities encourage them to open up and get involved.  According to AACAP, “Teenagers, like adults, may experience stress every day and can benefit from learning stress management skills. Most teens experience more stress when they perceive a situation as dangerous, difficult, or painful and they do not have the resources to cope.”

The Prevention Specialists work on goal setting because it is a great way to provide direction and motivation. They also give them tools on how to make good decisions because it is an essential life skill, that most people acquire through trial and error.

Our Prevention Specialists work hard to educate our youth on prevention skills because knowledge is power! Their goal is to give campers the skills to make an informed decision so when a difficult situation arises they will be more likely to make a fact-based and knowledgeable decision.