Hope For Youth

Newsday Charities, a McCormick Foundation Grant

Hope For Youth received a $25,000 grant from Newsday Charities, a McCormick Foundation. This grant will address unmet complex needs of youth in our programs; particularly those who enter our Youth Runaway and Homeless Shelter Program. HFY will use these funds to ensure all youth receive proper medical, dental and vision care despite their insurance coverage.  We will also use funds to transport youth to school, therapy, and medical appointments or provide them with bus tokens so they can continue to participate in their personal commitments while staying at the shelter.These young people have often been dealt a very painful hand in life as victims of abuse and neglect, while with us we will work to ensure all their basic needs are met and work intently with each child and their family to restore and/ or rebuild the family connection when possible or seek out a healthy alternative. To learn more about our Homeless and Youth Runaway Program please follow our Facebook page.

Accepting the Newsday Charity Grant are David J. Hegarty, Executive Director, CEO and Kate Travers, LCSW, Director of Program

Thank you Newsday Charities!