Hope For Youth

Need love? Send love!

What a beautiful concept to remind someone that they are being thought of by a loved one. Throughout the month of February 2021, Caitlin Tehan and Valentina Pannullo created a project donation called “Need Love, Send Love” – the idea being a simple reminder to show someone that you are thinking about them and that you love them, even if it’s from a distance. They made string bracelets with a beaded heart on them, attached a note including the campaign description and signed off the person’s name who has sent the love. In doing so, they have raised and donated $900 to Hope For Youth!

“Just because mental health awareness month is over doesn’t mean we should stop checking in on our friends and family. And just because the world is opening back up, post-pandemic, it shouldn’t stop us from reminding our loved ones we love and care about them. We encourage everyone to continue spreading the love!”

Caitlin Tehan and Valentina Pannullo have both been involved with educating youth in Southeast Asia. Caitlin has been an elementary grade school teacher for 4 years in Thailand where she has grown to love and cherish teaching. Valentina has volunteered in Bali, Indonesia teaching English to kindergartners. They both agreed that Hope for Youth was a meaningful organization in which they both connected with and wished to support. #hopeforyouthli #ittakesavillage #teachersdoinggood