Positive childhood experiences are an important public health issue & are critical to children’s well-being & development. #kidscantwait is an initiative of Hope For Youth, one of Long Island’s preeminent providers of services for children and families. Hope For Youth strives to be the catalyst that ensures that children from birth are surrounded by supports that foster their stability, growth and health.

Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future lifelong health and opportunities. #kidscantwait is dedicated to bringing awareness to the value of positive childhood experiences and their importance for well-being & development. #kidscantwait is an initiative of Hope For Youth which sheds light on an important public health issue, adverse childhood experiences(ACEs). Preventing ACEs and engaging in early identification of people who have experienced them could have a significant impact on a range of critical health problems (SAMHSA, 2017).

For almost 50 years, Hope For Youth has provided services for children, youth and families, spanning a continuum of care from out-patient, clinical and preventive services, to foster care, diagnostic and emergency residential services. The organization works with children as young as birth across the Long Island region. For more information about #kidscantwait visit www.kidscantwait.info .