Hope For Youth

January Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

As we welcome the new year, we at Hope For Youth are filled with profound gratitude and
renewed hope. Looking back on an incredible year, we are moved by the remarkable
achievements and the immense joy that the holiday season brought. Our heartfelt thanks go out
to our wonderful donors, dedicated staff, and the supportive community, whose generosity and
commitment have been the cornerstone of our success. Together, we’ve created moments of
joy, provided essential support, and fostered positive change in the lives of the youth we serve.
Your unwavering support has made a world of difference, and for that, we are eternally grateful.
We successfully fulfilled and distributed 230 wish lists and provided gifts to an additional 50
youth who had not supplied wish lists. The gifts we received were wonderfully diverse, ranging
from basketballs and board games to designer handbags and laptops. Our supporters’
overwhelming kindness resulted in the collection of over 2,000 toys! These contributions not
only brought joy to many but also enriched our onsite classrooms and visiting rooms.
Additionally, they supplied our therapists with essential toys for use in clinical practice. We are
deeply grateful for this tremendous outpouring of support from our community.
Heartfelt thanks to all donors!
Wish List were fulfilled by:
● First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown
● Hope for Youth Board Members
● St Francis Church
● Applebee’s
● NY Tow Truck Families
● Maria U
● State Farm

● Signature Premier Properties
● Amityville Moms
● First United Methodist Church
● ROK Financial
● Jessica K
● Phoenix Salon Suites
● Island Drafting and Technical Institute
● Firestone of Amityville
● Taylor P.
● Nick
● Fiercely Leading Youth
● Tara P.
● Linda M.

Amazon Wish Lists were shopped by:
● Allison E.
● Kathianne B.
● Melissa P.
● Carol B
● Susan L
● Michael M
● Taylor P
● Pauline M
● T L H
● Nadja G
● Tracy M
● Kerri S
Toy Drives:
● Grace Music School
● Seaford High School
● Merrick Avenue Middle School
● Almaseer Court
● Dime Savings Bank
● Farmingdale High School
● Hicksville High School Honor Society
● Deer Park High School

● Pay if Forward with Jackie – For stockings
● Copiague High School – Hats and Gloves
● Zach – Stocking Stuffers
● A special thank you to our board members Liz, Sandra and Peter for their holiday
drive donations!
Holiday Excitement Overheard
“OMG LED lights! I have always wanted them!”
-A youth in our health homes program
“This is so amazing I really can’t thank you enough my kids will have so much to open.”
-A parent in our FOCUS Program who was selecting gifts for her children
“Look at all of these things that I got. I am so excited.”

  • A youth served by our clinic showing a development worker the gifts that she received

Youth Holiday Party
This year’s Youth Holiday Party was a heartwarming success! Our young participants enjoyed a
festive celebration filled with joy, gifts, and special moments. It was truly inspiring to see their
smiles and hear their laughter, reminding us of the impact of our collective efforts. Thank you to
Dave & Buster’s for hosting us!

Wrapping Party
The Wrapping Party was a testament to community spirit and teamwork. Volunteers and staff
came together to beautifully wrap gifts for the youth. This event was not just about preparing
presents; it was an opportunity to wrap each gift with love and care, symbolizing the support and
hope we aim to provide every day. Thank you to our wonderful community of supporters,
including Almaseer Court #226, and our volunteer Zack. A special thanks to Starbucks for
providing us with delicious hot chocolate and cake pops!

Staff Party
Our Staff Party was a celebration of the dedication and hard work of our incredible team. It was
a time to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and reflect on the many achievements of the past
year. This gathering reinforced our commitment to our mission and to each other, as we

continue to strive for a brighter future for the youth we serve. Thank you to Tap Room for
hosting us!