Hope For Youth

Hope For Youth receives $50,000 grant from RHFD to support #kidscantwait

Hope For Youth was honored to receive a grant of $50,000 from the RHF in order to support Hope For Youths #kidscantwait initiative. The grant will assist in recruiting and supporting more therapeutic foster homes for children aged 0-5 with acute trauma. This initiative was launched in early 2017 with the goal of bringing awareness to the value of positive childhood experiences and their importance for well-being and development for all youth, but especially those in the zero-5 age range.  Over the years family court judges have recognized that there is a population of youth and their parents who are in need of increased therapeutic services.  Due to this, court judges had asked that Hope For Youth develop a program specifically targeting young children in the zero-5 year range who enter the foster care system.

This generous grant from RHF will help support the recruitment, training, certification, and retention of foster parents for Hope For Youths #kidscantwait initiative.  Hope For Youth is extremely thankful for having the opportunity to participate in the Redlich Horwitz Foundations third annual Permanency Summit and for the foundations financial support provided through the grant. RHF will equip the #kidscantwait initiative with needed funding in order for it to be successful in its endeavors, ultimately helping Long Islands youngest and most vulnerable children develop into healthier adults. By being able to provide necessary supports early on, Hope For Youth can decrease a child’s time in foster care and guide them to the best possible outcome, which is that of permanency.

To learn more about our #kidscantwait initiative visit www.kidscantwait.info