Hope For Youth

HFY’s 4th Annual ’12 Days of Christmas’ is Here!

For the fourth year in a row Hope For Youth is pleased to present to donors a wishlist of toys and gifts.  

As part of the Annual Toy and Gift Drive, our goal is to to provide a festive time to teens and children in our care who have been separated from their birth families… Will you help?

It’s easy!  Just bookmark this page or like us on Facebook.  Beginning Thursday, December 3 we’ll regularly update the wishlist with detailed items for specific children and youth in our care which they have personally asked Santa to bring them. 

With your help we can make a wish come true this year! 

Looking for more info?  Email Kate Travers.

Here’s our “12 Days of Christmas” wishlist…

  1. Jade: 12 year old Jade is asking for a skate board, helmet arm and knee pads this year for Christmas!  Jade is deserving of this special gift as she has made huge strides in her foster home during 2015 and she hopes Santa will find her this year!
  2. Shane: Shane is in our foster care program and the only item he’s asked for from Santa this year is new sneakers.  We are hoping to provide his mother with a gift card to foot locker so she can purchase the sneakers to give to him at their visit on Christmas eve.  
  3. Charlie: 10 year old Charlie loves stuffed animals!  Charlie has a developmental disability which prevents him from being able to play with many toys because of their small parts.  For Christmas he’d love to have a new stuffed animal and a warm cozy blanket that is child themed!
  4. Alyssa: 14 year old Alyssa would love a new black size large winter coat, jeans size 14 and a sweat shirt size large for Christmas.  Alyssa is also hoping for some jewelry!
  5. Bradley: As a teen in our foster care program Bradley is passionate about working out and hopes to have a set of weight lifting equipment for Christmas. Specifically he has asked for Dumbells and barbells of different sizes.  He’d also like soccer ball.
  6. Jackeline: 16 yeal old Jackeline has asked Santa for makeup, shirts size medium and pants size 4 or 6.  She’d also love fuzzy slipper socks and headbands.
  7. Rasheed: For Christmas this year Rasheed is hoping for a gift card to Sports Authority.  He recently made the wrestling team and works hard each day at practice.  A gift card would be used to get more work out clothing and new shoes.
  8. WISH BEING GRANTED! Lisa: At only 19 years old Lisa is supporting herself and is on her own after leaving foster care.  She works at a local lawyer’s office and manages to take the bus there each day.  Lisa is part of our “Step Up, Step Out” program and HFY visits her to help budget and connect her to college.  We hope she’s starting in January!!!  For Christmas Lisa has no requests but we’d like to surprise her with some items; here are our suggestions! –Size medium fleece, winter hat and gloves, gift card to Stop and Shop or Walmart, make-up, or anything else that would make a young woman with major potential smile! (our gifts will likely be her only ones this year)
  9. WISH BEING GRANTED! Marissa: 14 year old Marissa is a shy young woman who loves to listen to music in her free time.  For Christmas Marissa has asked for new head phones, a gift card to Walmart and a Hoodie with a zipper size 1x or 2x that is pink or purple.
  10. WISH BEING GRANTED! Kayleen: 7 year old Kayleen would be happy with any toys from Santa this year and we hope she’ll get them as her foster parents report Kayleen is doing wonderfully in school and making huge strides.  In 2016 Kayleen will be adopted and that will be the best gift of all!  Specifically Kayleen has asked for any Doc McStuffins toys, the games Sorry or Monopoly, and anything related to FROZEN!
  11. WISH BEING GRANTED! Alex: Alex is a teen boy residing in one of our foster homes.  Alex is hoping to have the Mario Kart WIIU game as a gift this year and would also appreciate a football, basketball, or Bop It game.
  12. WISH BEING GRANTED! Devin: As a youth in foster care for several years we are ecstatic that 8-year-old Devin will be adopted in 2016!  This little guy is just the sweetest big brother, hard worker and patient you man.  For Christmas Devin would love to have action figures, a Scooter and helmet, or a kindle as he is an advanced reader and loves a great book!
  13. WISH BEING GRANTED! Juan: Juan is a 16-year-old young man who resides in our Boys Group Home. He just completed Hope For Youth’s specialized Day Treatment program and is now enrolled in public school.  When we asked his caseworker to share something good about Juan the response was, “Everything, he’s really doing great in everything!”  For Christmas Juan is hoping to have a new gray winter jacket, size large. He would also love matching winter accessories such as a hat, scarf and gloves!
  14. WISH BEING GRANTED! Joanna: 18-year-old Joanna is an all-around “good girl” who loves sports and accessorizing!  For Christmas, Joanna has asked for makeup, jewelry and a gift card to Sports Authority.  Joanna is well deserving of these gifts as she has made tremendous progress overcoming past abuse. Each week Joanna is a dedicated participant in therapy and tutoring.  She is also a role model to other youth in her foster home.
  15. WISH BEING GRANTED! Mariona: Princesses, Princesses, Princesses!  This is what 5-year-old Mariona is passionate about!  A princess themed bike and helmet is what Mariona has asked Santa to bring her!  She’s hoping for this big wish, and would also love any princess themed toys or accessories!
  16. WISH BEING GRANTED! Tyler: 15-year-old Tyler is the best kitchen cleaner in his group home!  He follows instructions and takes his work seriously when it comes to learning independent living skills.  Tyler has asked for size 10.5 Timberland Boots and a basketball for Christmas.
  17. WISH BEING GRANTED! Karina: As an 11th grader, Karina, who is 17-years-old, has already started looking at colleges.  She is passionate about her future and graciously accepts the guidance of her foster family and caseworkers.  For Christmas, Karina has asked for a laptop or tablet to help her with her studies and college applications.
  18. WISH BEING GRANTED! Jhayla: Jhayla is a kind, warm-hearted and outgoing young girl.  Jhayla enjoys playing with and taking care of her younger brother.  She often plays with Shopkins, and makes crafts for her family.  Jhayla has been doing phenomenal in school and works very hard on her homework and school work.  Jhayla would love to receive any craft making gift sets or anything that has to do with Shopkins!
  19. WISH BEING GRANTED! Imani: 12-year-old Imani is a caring, funny and creative young girl.   Imani enjoys playing with her 8 brothers and friends, going to extra help after school, fashion, and arts and crafts.  Imani would love to get a bracelet making kit so that she can express her creativity and make bracelets for her family.  While making bracelet making kit is her specific wish from Santa, we’re sure she would love other crafting kits as well!
  20. WISH BEING GRANTED! Michael: Warm winter clothes is what 14-year-old Micheal has asked for this year.  Specifically he would like a size medium mens coat, size 13 snow or work boots, and size medium Nike or Adidas sweat pants under the Christmas tree.
  21. WISH BEING GRANTED! Nicholas: 10-year-old Nicholas lives with his siblings.  This year his family is going through some hard times.  His mother has shared that for Christmas this year Nicholas would love a basketball to play with and a new winter coat size 10-12 or boots size 6.  This request is a mix of need and fun; just would he could use this year!
  22. Corianne: Corianne, a 16-year-old young woman, is feeling more and more confident each day as she progresses in therapy.  For Christmas this year Corianne has asked for gift certificates to clothing stores.  She would love to shop for some special items at Target, Forever 21, Payless, or  H&M.
  23. WISH BEING GRANTED! Brothers: Vens, 14-years old, and Vensley, 13-years-old, are huge fans of basketball!  They often play at the school yard together but would love to have their own hoop at their house.  Their wish from Santa this year is to have a basketball hoop and two balls under the tree.
  24. Marvin: 16-year-old Marvin is quite a talented soccer player!  He is asking for Nike Mercurial Superfly soccer cleats size 8.5 for Christmas.  Marvin would also love to have a Play Station 4 2016 FIFA game so he can stay knowledgeable about soccer during the winter season. 
  25. WISH BEING GRANTED! Tyreke: Board games; specifically a Chess set is what Tyreke is hoping for this Christmas.  Tyreke is excelling in school and meets regularly with his therapist to address some of his past trauma.  Focusing his energy on challenging board games is both therapeutic and entertaining for him.
  26. WISH BEING GRANTED! Nicole: Now that 15-year-old Nicole is addressing some of her underlining mental health challenges in her life, she is embracing a healthy lifestyle.  For Christmas Nicole has asked for books on healthy eating, crafting supplies, and a gift card to Old Navy to purchase some socks
  27. Sabrina: 13 year old Sabrina is hoping for  Jordan Sneakers size 10 or a gift card to Foot Locker this holiday season.  Sabrina enjoys reading , school and is very intelligent; she’s also love to have an Ipad mini.
  28. WISH BEING GRANTED! Kanye: NINJA TURTLES!!! 6 year old Kanye is asking Santa for a Ninja Turtle Shredeer, Sword or figurines. Kanye loves playing with his sisters when he sees them for visits and extremely affectionate.  When he can use his imagination and concentrate on his love of the Ninja Turtles he is all smiles and the worries in his little life slip away.
  29. WISH BEING GRANTED! We have sibling group of 3 that have shared their wishes with their therapist here at Hope For Youth.  They visit with their mother often and we are hoping to provide Mom with some special gifts to give to her kids on Christmas!  Hopefully they will be reunited for the Holiday:

    • Maricel: Easy bake oven or girl scout cookie oven, Doll house with dolls, Nail kit/make up kit, Twister and Catwoman movie poster
    • Joshua: Basket ball with a net that hangs on a door, Football/anything football related, Kids toy night vision goggles, and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts
    • Alex: Basket ball with a net that hangs on a door, Chess/Checkers, Hungry hungry hippo
  30. We have 4 sisters living in our Sibling Reunification Group Home.  For Christmas each of the girls has asked for new Jordan Sneakers.  A $100 gift card to Foot Locker for each of them is what they are hoping for on Christmas. Also as a group they’ve asked for a Karoke machine!  (These are the girls who sang at our Heroes for Hope Gala the last two years and they are very talented!!!)