Hope For Youth

Every Child Is an Artist

Thank you to volunteers Camille (left) and Cherrie (right) who graciously donated their time and skills to give our small group room a makeover!  New lamps, tables and décor were added to make the environment more therapeutic.  

Eight strategically-placed picture frames which will display art work from our youth is the true focal point of the room!  To kick off the call for work, Camille’s company, Create-A-Mural, will sponsor an art contest.  The winner will be displayed on this “Artist” wall. Gift certificates to local arts and crafts stores will be offered as prizes.  

And just as important as offering the kids a means of nurturing their artistic expression, Camille has offered to guide anyone in our care if they are curious about art as a profession.  We are so lucky to be able to connect with such dedicated individuals!