Hope For Youth

Comfort Cases

The nonprofit Comfort Cases is dedicated to engaging communities, and educating the public about the issues facing youth in foster care. It strives to bring dignity and hope to youth in foster care. We are fortunate at Hope For Youth to be the recipient of their cases and duffle bags that we can order a supply of, monthly, if needed.

Comfort Cases are backpacks filled with comfort and personal care items, created for youth entering the foster care system. They are very different then the all to often seen, garbage bag, that youth will have their personal belongings stored in. You can also request/order in addition to the cases, large duffle bags. The sturdy duffles do not contain anything within them but are great to have and be able to offer to youth. It’s an amazing service they provide.

Comfort Cases offers these items to nonprofits that work with foster youth and there is no charge for the received product. We are extremely grateful for their support of our youth! Learn more about them here. Thank you, Comfort Cases!