Hope For Youth

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes!

The STAR Foundation has provided $5,000 to Hope For Youth in support of purchasing bicycles, helmets and locks for our residential youth, supervising staff and foster youth. The foundation has also asked that HFY prioritize providing bikes to essential staff working with the youth so they can all exercise and relax together. Dedicated staff members are looking forward to teaching kids to ride bikes, explore paths and enjoy the nice weather while practicing social distancing.

This funding, combined with the generous bike donations from community members, will have all interested youth and staff heading into summer on new wheels. This type of structured recreation will allow our youth to exercise while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Offering bicycles to ride will be an additional way for our youth to cope, as they are naturally anxious due to the nature of their circumstances. Featured below is the Family Ties Program Manager, Jeannine. She is always happy to receive donations from our community donors!

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