Hope For Youth

Art-Tastic Evening

On Friday, April 6th, youth from all Hope For Youth programs were invited to partake in an Art-Tastic Evening where a variety of supplies, such as paint, canvases, brushes, markers, colored pencils and drawing paper were offered to participants in order to create some art. They had a choice of what medium they would like to work with, although painting on the canvases seemed to be a crowd favorite. To provide some guidance and inspiration, staff shared the following quote with them, “Everyone wants to live in happiness at the top of the mountain, but all the growth occurs while you are climbing it”, essentially asking, what is your top of the mountain? What would make you happy? The youth took this quote and ran with it, interpreting it in many different ways and expressing their answers through painting and drawing.

Although some decided to keep their work, most pieces will be displayed at Hope For Youths June Awards Dinner and around the office for all to see, showcasing one of their many talents. It was a spectacular evening filled with art, friends, pizza and creativity, a truly amazing combination! For those youth who were unable to make it or those who would like partake again, a second Art-Tastic Evening will be held on Friday, May 4th, both staff and youth are greatly looking forward to it!