Hope For Youth

A Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Success Story

We are happy to share with the HFY community one of our WWK success stories. Hard work and dedication, and the Child-Focused Recruitment Model were a winning combination!

“In working with an older youth, I concentrated on the Diligent search, Case Record review and Relationship building. When first contacting the youth and introducing myself, the youth would not answer, taking days if even bothering to call me back. I finally was able to FaceTime him ( as he was away at school in Buffalo), and we finally spoke. He also was able to give me a potential Resource. When the youth returned to Long Island for the holidays, I was able to concentrate on building our relationship. We even went Christmas shopping together. During that time I learned that he was working and enjoying school, even though there are drastic changes to his education due to Covid19.

The youth also started talking about his family in California, his relationships and friendships, budgeting and provided me with another potential Resource. Now when I call him he answers consistently and is very pleasant. Building a relationship with him has helped me better assess his needs and understand his desire to be part of a family.”

~HFY Adoption Family Recruiter, 2021