Hope For Youth

A Powerful Paragaraph

Excerpt from a Shelter youth’s letter:

“To whom this may concern. I remember before I came to Hope For Youth my social worker in my school told me about this shelters. I was worried when my social worker said shelter because I thought it was a small space, and that I would not be comfortable. I also thought there would be a sign that said “shelter” in front of the house. When I came I saw it was different from what I thought; and I like it a lot, especially Mrs. Shannon and some other staff. They showed me love and did stuff I did not expect they would do; some of them even see me as a son or brother. I say thanks to God and thanks to the organization for this Shelter. Thanks to this shelter I realize all my goals and became proud of myself. Before I came all of my teachers said I would do fine and stay longer than the original date because they all know who I am, and are proud of me. More than seven roommates have left, but I’m still here. This is not because they like me more than the other residents, but because I respect myself and I know what I’m here for. This means that I do what they ask me to do even if sometimes I feel like I don’t want to do it. I always remember in life nothing is easy and I always have to sacrifice or spend my time for what I want to accomplish.”

Our staff touches the lives of  so many. It is a blessing that they need to be reminded of on occasion. Their positive impact can last a lifetime.