Hope For Youth

3rd Annual ’12 Days of Christmas’ Gift Drive

For the third year in a row Hope For Youth is pleased to present to donors a wishlist of toys and gifts.  

As part of the Annual Toy and Gift Drive, our goal is to to provide a festive time to teens and children in our care who have been separated from their birth families… Will you help?

It’s easy!  Just bookmark this page or like us on Facebook.  Each day — beginning Monday, December 8 — we’ll update the wishlist with detailed items for specific children and youth in our care which they have personally asked Santa to bring them. 

With your help we can make a wish come true this year! 

Looking for more info?  Email Kate Travers and Lisa Fuchsman.

12 Days of Christmas Wishlist…

9 year old Kanique would love a cabbage patch doll, Barbie doll or Monster High doll.


14 year old Jeffrey has asked for an electric scooter.


10 year old Daniel is a huge sports fan…  Any gift with a Cowboys, Rams or Seahawks would make him smile!  He wears a boys size 12 wand would love a sweatshirt for one of these teams.


14 year old Dehtrunte is hoping to receive a laptop for Christmas this year; it would really help him be successful as a Freshman in high school.

13-year-old Lleni is hoping for a new hair dryer, perfume, makeup, and headbands for Christmas this year.  Lleni is working hard on her goals and these items will help her self-esteem!


5 year old Jenny loves FROZEN!  She wears size 10 shoes, and 5/6 clothing.  Jenny is hoping to find FROZEN themed pajamas, stuffed animals and are supplies under the tree this year!


10-year-old Brianna is hoping to have a bike under the tree Christmas morning.  She is 54 inches tall and would love an appropriately sized bike and helmet!


Zarina is 17 years old and is hoping to have flannel pair of Victoria Secret’s pajamas to keep her warm this Christmas!  She wears size large and would love whatever pattern you choose!  Slippers to match would be a great bonus!!!


Brandon is really hoping to find size men’s medium Under Armour sweat pants and a sweat shirt under his Tree on Christmas.  Most of his clothes haven’t held up this winter and a new set of lounging wear would be amazing.  He doesn’t mind if you find them at Marshalls!!!  (hint hint, they have Under Armour very discounted there!)


Although she’s 20, Alexis is still hoping for a Christmas gift this year!  As a college student and foster child she doesn’t get many care packages sent her way during the year.  Alexis is hoping for gift cards to Target, Walmart or for items she can use in her dorm room when she returns to her SUNY school in January!  She’s open to surprises, what do you think our college student might like?


Traivion is 10 years old and has his heart set on any action figures as he can play for hours!  He’s hoping for Power Rangers, Transformers, or Ninja Action figures to keep him smiling this Christmas.


Hector is such a smarty!!!  At 16 years old, Hector love to write and read.  He’s hoping for a gift card to Barnes & Nobel, as well as a dictionary, thesaurus, sketchbook and pens.  Hector would also love a size large sweat shirt to keep him warm!

Stay tuned for more…