Hope For Youth

Expansion of Hope For Youth’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program

 Hope for Youth’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program is expanding with the hiring of an additional Recruiter this summer. This program, a national one, focuses on older youth in foster care. Using an eight-point model, recruitment is focused on family finding followed by recruitment within a child’s community.

Because a third of the youth served by Wendy’s recruiters have experienced six or more placements, recruiters focus on getting to know the child and building trust. That high-level focus on the child helps the recruiter identify the important people in a child’s life, such as teachers, a Girl Scout or Boy Scout leader or family members’ whose relationship with the child was severed when the child entered foster care. The focus of the WWK expansion is to reach more youth, ensuring their forever home is found. HFY is proud of their involvement in this initiative.

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