Hope For Youth

Winter and Cold Weather Are Just Around The Corner

As the milder fall weather we experienced becomes a memory and colder temperatures arrive, many of us, without delay, will begin wearing our warmer coats and jackets. We will search for our scarves and gloves, transitioning to winter outerwear with ease. Not everyone has that luxury though. With the support of our community, warm clothing and outerwear are collected seasonally for Hope For Youth’s children and teens. Many whom arrive at our doors won’t have the items that we take for granted and will be in need of hats and gloves, jackets and snow boots. The good work and commitment of our donors and community members is admirable and greatly appreciated. One of our community supporters, Carisse Bormann, is on staff at the West Babylon Public Library, the Head of Teen Services. She and her teen patrons recently held a Warm Clothing Drive, collecting sweatshirts and sweatpants, and jackets for Hope For Youth. With four bags full, of good intention, she delivered the clothing to our offices. A big Thank You to West Babylon Public Library and all our local supporters, because as we all know, it truly takes a village.