Hope For Youth

March Newsletter

Social Work Month! #SocialWorkBreaksBarriers

Social Workers are extraordinary individuals. The social worker’s job is not just about helping people, but also advocating for human rights and justice. They transform communities where clients can grow and thrive, creating healthier foundations for future generations. Words used to describe social workers include but are not limited to: change agents, problem solvers, critical thinkers, facilitators, advocators, counselors, clinicians, organizers, activists, planners, politicians, lobbyist, writers, and researchers. Source: UMBC

The positive impact our Licensed Social Workers have on our families and youth is life changing. Their devotion and continued support services and therapies help to bring positive change for our youth and their families – one full of bright light, healing, hope, strength and change.

Programs like our Therapeutic Foster Care and Residential Services enlist the help of our Hope For Youth Social Workers to ensure our youth’s care and needs are being met by offering unwavering support throughout their healing process.

Therapeutic Foster Care

  • Out-of-home care by foster parents with special training
  • Provide safe, caring homes
  • Meet with HFY Social Workers for check-ins and therapies

Residential Services

  • Provide a safe, inclusive and secure environment for youth
  • Treatment planning with HFY Social Workers for continued growth and success

Meet Irgma Edington

We are thrilled and honored to have Irma Edington, LMSW continue to champion the mission of Hope For Youth as our new Executive Director and CEO! Irma was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Queens when she was 3 years old. She earned her undergraduate Social Work degree from St. John’s University and her graduate degree from Hunter College. Irma joined HFY as the Director of Foster Care in 2000, and rose to Assistant Executive Director in 2021.

During her time at HFY, Irma has been instrumental in growing HFY’s Foster Boarding Home, designing and implementing the Intensive and Supportive Case Management (ISCM) Program, Community Reinvestment Program, Nassau PINS Preventive Program, and HEART Program.

Irma is a dedicated, nurturing leader. She is a lodestar role model to her staff. Through her teamwork approach, intuitiveness, and emotional stability, she has been able to support, challenge, and guide them into long lasting and rewarding careers at Hope For Youth. Irma is very well regarded in the social work community and presents and communicates on behalf of the agency to bring attention to the need for all children to have a home and the need for families to consider opening their doors to children in need.

Donation Requests

Your donation changes lives. You can make a difference in the lives of our children, youth and families. We are always looking for toiletries, new toys, new infant clothes, diaper bags, diapers and wipes, and gift cards.

We are currently seeking:

Bibs and Pacifiers, Jumperoo, PS4 Gaming system

All donations can be dropped off at our Amityville location: 201 Dixon Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701