#kidscantwait Ambassador

We Need Your Help Recruiting Foster Parents

WHY: #kidscantwait is an initiative of Hope For Youth. Positive childhood experiences are an important public health issue & critical to children’s well-being and development. There are approximately 26,000 kids in foster care currently, in New York. Hope For Youth needs people like YOU, to raise awareness of our need for foster parents, to provide kids-in-need with loving homes.

WHEN: NOW! Due to the opioid epidemic and other factors, more and more kids are in need of homes where they can recover from trauma. Together we can change the trajectory of their fate.

WHAT: Attend family gatherings throughout Long Island, such as festivals, fairs, outdoor concerts, and other venues that families spend time at such as public library programming and church events.

HOW: By becoming a #kidscantwait Ambassador, you will assist Hope For Youth in educating the public about the need for foster parents on Long Island. Hope For Youth will provide flyers, and giveaways such as pens, frisbees and waterbottles for you to distribute at attending events. Become an Ambassador today because #kidscantwait

Assist us in spreading the word, and share with your fellow community members the need for foster parents. Encourage interested individuals to reach out to Hope For Youth to learn more about the process to becoming a foster parent.

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