Hope For Youth

Teamwork Recognition Award!

The first ever Teamwork Recognition Award is being presented to Steven Burgess, Moses Udebhulu, Pelege St. Surin, Dianne Powell, Dalia Sarryeh, Iliana Padro, Joann Labonte, Jack Vero, John Meehan, Cynthia Manuel, John Cardis, Yolanda Roberts, Rhonda Smith, Gary Rivers, Nadine Cowan for their outstanding contributions.

This group worked through the recent severe snow storm when their other coworkers were unable to safely make it in.  They were committed to stay and work extra hours to make sure the residents were safe and had support, some working more than 24 hours straight.  They did it together as a team throughout group homes and residential programs.  Some staff even slept on the couch while others worked to make sure they could relieve them when the next shift started.

In addition, our maintenance staff worked through the difficult weather ensuring the safety of the residents and staff. 

This group includes staff from different programs. For their efforts and contributions to the agency and to their fellow co-workers, as well as for their commitment to team work and their continued efforts to help those around them they have been selected to receive the Teamwork Recognition Award.