Hope For Youth

HFY Teens Gain Valuable Summer Work Experience

Thanks to a Department of Labor grant four youth from our Foster Care and Group Home programs worked right here at Hope for Youth!  They fixed fences and helped with other various maintenance tasks. This experience not only contributed to each youth’s new-found sense of independence; each teen gained real-life work skills that will no doubt enhance future job applications and resumes.


The program’s schedule made time for each youth to practice interview skills and spend one-on-one time with HFY Director of Human Resources, Tracy. Tracy provided a work readiness workshop and impressed upon the new workers that when interviewing for a job “your first impression is your last impression.” The interviewing skills including tips on presenting one’s self professionally, filling out an application, and asking questions at an interview.


With these new skills we are positive and optimistic that tour youth will continue to make a difference in the Long Island workforce!  Without this supported opportunity, these high risk youth may have bounced from job to job all summer, or been unable to find work at all.  Hope For Youth has once again been able to engage and stabilize adolescents in need of extra guidance and a leading hand.