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18th of March 2015

Jadzia is the WINNER!!!

Congratulations to Jadzia form our Therapeutic Foster Care program!  Jadzia submitted to our art contest a computer graphic demonstrating what she learned at a recent workshop at Hope For Youth. The image encourages youth to make positive choices and not engage in risky behaviors that may put their…

We’re Bored for Board Games

Since many of our adolescents aren’t able to visit with family and friends in the evening or on the weekends, they are at a loss for social interactions that can be helpful for their therapy.  Our solution: Game Night!

Game night evenings are great opportunities for…

18th of February 2015

ADD Enterprises Supports HFY Awareness Event

In Mid February, adolescents in all Hope For Youth programs were invited to a participate in an awareness event hosted by our clinical staff.  The Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc. provided and educational workshop on Sexually Transmitted…

Changes Bring Success

Our Small Therapy Group Room gets a MAKEOVER!

Over the last several weeks a few talented volunteers have transformed our Small Therapy Group Room used by our licensed social workers to hold sessions.  

The paint color and furniture are soothing and inspirational.  One Hope For…

BIG News About Alex…

Alex has a job and is sober!!!

At 15 years old Alex had failed the 9th grade twice and was very disconnected from his family and community.  With hard work and a commitment to recovery  he is turning this all around. 

21st of January 2015

Payless Gives, Again

HFY children and teens enjoy new shoes, valuable shopping experience


Hope For Youth recently had the honor of accepting a grant from Payless Gives which supported the purchase of much-needed shoes for many of our residents.  Year after year, Payless Gives – the…

Foster Parent Recruitment!

Are you ready to welcome a foster child into your home? Bi-lingual families, single parent households, or multi-generational families are always encouraged to apply! 


Hope For Youth’s new Home…

Drama, Drama, Drama!!!!

The Buzz in Brentwood is all about one youth making major strides in the Drama Club.  This 16-year-old  —  who entered our Community Reinvestment Program in September 2014 — has been making great strides in recovery.  In addition to successfully passing all…

9th of December 2014

You’re Invited: Bowling Fundraising Party in Support of Hope For Youth

You’re Invited!

Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory and the Youth Leadership Caucus are hosting a Bowling Fundraising Party to support Hope For Youth.

Attendees are asked to bring an unwrapped toy for a young person (between ages 11 and 18)

Sunday, December 14th
5pm to 8pm

4th of December 2014

Operation: Holiday Fun! Will you sponsor a child?

<p><img alt="" src="/Portals/0/News_Events/DaveandBusters%20Party.jpg" /></p>
<p><strong><em>We&rsquo;re hosting a Dave &amp; Busters Holiday Party for Long Island youth in foster care and recovery&hellip; Will you sponsor a child?</em></strong></p>
<p>On December 16<sup>th</sup> the folks at Hope For Youth are planning a special holiday party at Dave &amp; Busters for over 100 of our residents…