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For Amelia, the youngest of four siblings, trouble began when she was about 16 years old. She and her siblings were taken from their mother by CPS and she was eventually placed in HFY's Therapeutic Foster Care Program. Amelia learned from her foster mother, Ms. Henderson, that "everything has a spot." Now at the age of 21, Amelia is living independently and aspires to have a successful career and become a foster mom herself! ...more
Debra Snell always knew she wanted to become a foster mother. She saw the love that her son’s grandmother gave her teenage foster boys and Debra realized that this was her calling in life too, to open her home to neglected children. ...more
Emmanuel got involved with the law and ended up at Hope For Youth at the age of thirteen. At HFY he was encouraged by staff to let go of his past and look to the future. Now in his early twenties, Emmanuel is attending college and is pursuing a career as a film director. ...more
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